Learn vim but not just for editing text [updated]

UPDATED on 2022-01-09

- Adding `zathura` and `sc-im`


Editing text with Vim is fast once the keys are memorized in the muscle memory.

But some vim keybindings can be used outside of the Vim editor too, making you faster on the terminal and even on the web browser.

Which keybindings (shortcuts)?

Here are some commonly available vim keybindings (or shortcuts).

# Navigation and other readonly functions
h, j, k, l
gg, G

# Search related
 /, ?, n, p

In utilities which do not edit text, usually only the `normal` and `visual` mode functions work.

Where can I use it?

Vimium Plugin for Chromium and Firefox based browsers
Lagrange browser for gemini space



and `screen`.

Zathura (A PDF reader. Supports some more formats, too.)
sc-im (Spreadsheet app for the terminal)


With Vim you navigate quickly and edit text faster. If you haven't tried Vim yet, give it a try. At-least for the fun of a challenge. Spare some time regularly for a week, instead of planning to sit a full day, some day. Learn *only* one or two new commands every day. Use them to edit your notes.txt, if not for code. Practicing it will automatically make it to your muscle memory.

(Don't try to memorize a cheatsheet, else it will be overwhelming. Also, don't judge early whether a particular command will really make you fast or not.)

Prefer installing vim using your OS's package manager.

Else, get it from vim.org

More links:

Here's my .vimrc
Vim tutorials


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